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His Excellency Sheikh Sabah Khalid
Al-Hamad Al-Sabah

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of
Foreign Affairs
The Kuwaiti Heritage
Embassy of the State of Kuwait
Australia - New Zealand
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Bilateral relations between the State of Kuwait and the
Commonwealth of Australia have developed greatly
since the declaration of independence of the State of
Kuwait in 1961.

business relations and trade exchange have prospered
between the two countries.
kuwait Prosperity
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Trade And Business
Kuwait City
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Kuwait news Agency
The Stock Exchange acts to encourage saving,
promote investment awareness among citizens,
protect depositors andcreate means for investment
of funds in securities, in a manner beneficial to the
During summer, sun rises in Kuwait for
long periods of time. Hence,
temperature highly  increases in June,
July and August. The maximum
temperature ranges between 42°C
and 46°C.
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation is the
state-owned entity responsible for
Kuwait's hydrocarbon interests
throughout the world. As part of the
global energy industry
Kuwait Fund established in order to
provide assistance to Arab and other
developing countries in developing
their economies
The kuwaiti dinar was introduced in
1961 to replace the Gulf rupee. it was
initially equivalent to one pound sterling. As
the rupee was fixed at 1  was introduced
shilling 6 pence, this resulted in a this
resulted in a conversion rate of 13⅓
conversion rate of 13⅓ rupees to the dinar.
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Business Directory
1927-1928 Opening of Kuwait’s first airport, located in
the Dasma area on the outskirts of the city. First flights
to "Dasma Airport" are operated by Imperial Airways an
ancestor of British Airways using the desert landing strip
as a refueling stop on the Britain-India-Britain air route.
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In 2004 the Kuwait
Government permitted the
establishment of non-
governmental airlines,
essentially ending Kuwait’s
50-year old dependency on
a single airline.
On the wave of the oil boom
of the 1940s, a national
carrier was born in 1954.
Initially, Kuwait Airways
Company served a limited
The first daily newspaper
in the
Arabian gulf
Daily  Newspaper
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation
The Kuwait Fund
Kuwait Live TV
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خارج اوقات الدوام الرسمي
للرعايا الكويتيين فقط
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